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Changing the way women feel one liner at a time
ABOUT Celebrate ME

Our “Celebrate Me” campaign is a new initiative to give back locally and internationally. For each liner sold, Lotus Liners will donate a liner to a woman in need, or a young girl just starting her period. Celebrate Me Canada will donate liners to women living in shelters and escaping domestic violence. Celebrate Me in School will offer “Celebrate Me” kits to young girls, offering free samples, positive messaging, and anti-shaming literature to promote better self-care and understanding of the menstrual cycle. Celebrate Me around the World will support non-profit organizations, in other countries to support women in impoverished situations that cannot afford feminine products.


For every liner we sell, we will donate one

If you know of a school, organization or non-profit you feel would benefit from
our program, please add their name to the submission below.